Working together in the community

ECCQ health team members and Diversicare team members are often working together in the community. Diversicare is the community care division of ECCQ, providing culturally inclusive care to people older than 65 and to people under 65 with a disability. Diversicare also provides education and training services as well as assists people with accessing appropriate services.

Last month, ECCQ and Diversicare team members attended the Philippine-Australia Autumn Festival at Robel Park Springfield.

Staff members who attended the festival included, Taryn from Diversicare, Lindi and Leo from ECCQ’s Chronic Disease Program – My Health For Life, and Marrianne and Samantha from ECCQ’s BBV and STI team.

It was a great day with lots of live entertainment, great food and many people of all ages, from a range of cultural and ethnic communities.

We were all able to showcase our programs and provide information, education, resources and health checks to the wider community of Springfield.

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