We have developed resources for committee members of ethnic community associations. This includes the ‘Easy to Use Working Manual’ that provides information, tools and resources to support community-based organisations in Queensland. You can access the manual in it’s entirety below.

An easy-to-use working manual for committee members of ethnic community associations
developed by ECCQ

Chapter 1
What you need to think about and what you need to do to set up a member-based community association and where you can get more information and support.

Chapter 2: Organisational structures
There are a number of choices you can make when setting up your association. In this chapter you will get some understanding of the different types of structures you can choose from and gains an understanding of the steps needed to establish the association under the structure you select.

Chapter 3: Governance
This chapter is about running a community-based organisation and will cover:

Chapter 4: Financial management
This chapter focuses on financial management and will explain:

Chapter 5: Legal and operational framework
This chapter will explain the legal requirements relating to:

Chapter 6: Fundraising
This chapter explains what your organisation must do before it looks for funding, how it can go about looking for money and where it can go to raise money:

Chapter 7: Project planning
This chapter covers the steps involved in planning a  project:

Chapter 8: Project management
This chapter will cover:

1. Memorandum of Understanding
2. Model Rules
3. Application for Incorporation
4. Application For Approval To Conduct Audit Or Provide Verification Statement
5. Risk Assessment
6. Volunteer Personnel Templates
7. Sample Code Of Conduct For Management Committee And Members
8. Application for Registration as a Charity

We can also help connect you with other services and relevant resources. If you are looking for resources about ethnic community associations, contact us by or 07 3844 9166.