Creating a transparent service system

A just and humane service system will be accountable and transparent one.  The availability of accurate information in community languages is important to ensure that clients from a CALD background are fully informed of their rights, responsibilities and entitlement to services.  The information needs to be up to date, accurate and delivered in timely way.

Examples of web based information

Australian Child Protection Legislation
This resource sheet provides a table with links to the current legislation in Australia, broken down by state jurisdiction.

Australian legal definitions: When is a child in need of protection?
A comparison of child protection language and definitions across all states.

Queensland Government Department of Communities
General information about child abuse and neglect is available on the department of Communities , Queensland Government website – this is aimed at people who think that they need to report abuse.  It is in English only.

Examples of more CALD friendly information sites

My Language
My Language is an example of a more fully integrated multi language website .This is a resource for libraries with a far reaching set of resources for all users in many languages.

Information in your language
This Australian Government Department of Human Services website has a great deal of information in many languages.

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