Providing information

Newly arrived parents will be inundated with information and so it will be important to deliver the information in accessible ways, in places and circumstances which make it usable and at times which can be helpful.

Examples of information to provide

What is child abuse?
NSW Government Family and Community Services web based information on child abuse and welfare in Australia. Publically available in community languages

Family Relationships Services brochures
Brochures about the federal Family Relationships Services program and hints for parenting which have been translated into many languages.

Parenting resources for Arabic parents and carers
NSW Government Family and Community Services web based and printable resources for Arabic parents on parenting etc-also for Pacific Islander parents.

Carers Queensland – Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
Carers Queensland has developed a dedicated part of their website to CALD needs. Within a disability context, the information is provided in community languages for Carers in Queensland.

The Every Child
This is an important website by the Australian Childhood Foundation. It has parenting and other related articles in many languages as well as text to speech facility.

Promising practices

‘Here to Stay: Australia’s Multicultural Reality: Submission to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Migration Inquiry into Multiculturalism’
Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, April 2011..  This document outlines some of the promising practices which have been selected by FECCA and on page 23 there is a case study on AMP services which provide settlement services information.

DVD and educational resources on parenting expectations in the Australian context

‘Safe Communities for Children’ DVD
Multicultural Development Association 2009 have developed a range of resources for migrants and refugees about the child welfare system in Australia. Comes with accompanying booklets in English, Arabic (Sudanese), Dari, Kirundi or Swahili plus facts sheets in the same languages.  This explains and discusses child abuse, neglect, Domestic Violence and child safety.

Raising Children in Australia
Resources, including a DVD, for early childhood services working with parents from African Backgrounds (2007).

QPASTT – Capacity Building
Stronger Families Workshops are held in various organisations. This allows families in groups to explore the challenges and benefits of adopting new ways within their settlement country whilst holding on to useful cultural concepts from their old lifestyle and traditions. For information concerning groups held in Brisbane click here.

Policy and implementation

FECCA Policies and Submissions 2012
This site gives a good overview of the issues involved in settlement and the types of services which are required to mitigate the trauma of dislocation.  There are also case examples of good practice where the implementation of more culturally appropriate services have been successful in the support of migrant clients.

‘Enhancing family and relationship service accessibility and delivery to culturally and linguistically diverse families in Australia’.
Sawrikar,P and Katz, I ( 2008), Australian Family Relationships Clearinghouse. Practice and policy framework for use within service delivery of family relationships services for CALD families in Australia.

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