Background on the resource guide

The resources are arranged under the recommendations of the report entitled, Culture Matters (2010) which discusses the findings of work completed by PeakCare and ECCQ with the support of the Multicultural Child Protection Working Group (MCPWG).  The results of the study attest that areas within the service system need improvement and support to better intervene with families and children in a culturally sensitive manner.

The eight recommendations were based on findings from the study with CALD families and workers who had been in contact with the tertiary sector of child safety services in Queensland.  The recommendations indicate that there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve a service system which is responsive to the well being and safety needs of children and their families using a culturally sensitive framework.

The eight recommendations


That information regarding Queensland’s child protection legislation, child protection system, and child and family services be provided to culturally diverse communities through:


That training for the child protection workforce incorporate:


That services be provided to migrant families through:


That the entire child protection system consists of a streamlined approach wherein families are supported and engaged throughout.


That all barriers to engaging interpreters are removed.


That both parents and children are made aware of:


That more effort be made to diversify the child protection workforce through:


That there be more investment into increasing the evidence base through:


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