General Populations

We provide free workshops and presentations on a range of topics to culturally and linguistically diverse communities and youth, service providers, bilingual health workers and volunteers. Some workshops can be delivered in community languages.

Types of workshops we offer

Communities and youth

General workshop on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis or sexual health

Target group: People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, multicultural workers and community leaders.
Length: 1-3 hours, depending on the topic requested

This workshop provides basic knowledge and skills on HIV, hepatitis A, B and C and STIs. It also covers specific issues of relevance for refugees and migrants such as different transmission routes of STIs and hepatitis, interpreting issues, and country of origin risks when travelling back and forth. Gender specific workshops are available. The workshop can be delivered in a number of languages.

Common communicable diseases for prisoners

Target group: Prisoners from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
Length: 1 hour

This workshop will mainly cover HIV and hepatitis, and dispel myths around infectious disease in prison.

Service providers

General cultural issues and sexual health

Target group: Service providers
Length: 1-1.5 hours

This workshop targets health workers working directly with culturally and linguistically diverse communities on sexual health issues and blood born viruses. The session illustrates Queensland’s cultural diversity, barriers to accessing services, sexual health in some main cultures, and strategies on working with culturally and linguistically diverse clients. The workshop will be tailored to suit the needs of service providers in sexual health areas and also other areas. Culturally specific workshops can be provided for communities such as Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian.

Strategies for effective sexual health promotion and education for professionals working with international students

Target group: Professionals working with international students
Length: 3 hours (can be tailored to suit individual needs)

This workshop informs professionals working with international students about current trends in risky behaviour, consequences, choices and support mechanisms to assist them in supporting students. Topics covered include the current situation facing international students and health risks, what types of risk behaviour are most prevalent, why they are so prevalent, what the consequences are, and how to reduce risks international students take and increase moderation, responsibility and support.

Bilingual health workers and volunteers

My choice! Stay safe, stay sure

Target group: Bilingual health workers
Length: 4 days

This training provides participants the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct culturally appropriate workshops on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and STIs for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It covers cultural issues, sex and sexuality, basic reporductive system, safe sex, HIV, hepatitis A, B & C, STIs, session planing, delivering sessions, and evaluation.



If you are interested in booking a free workshop or presentation (minimum of six participants required) please contact Mekita Vanderheyde, Multicultural Resources, Training and Community Development Officer on 3844 9166 or