We provide free workshops and presentations on a range of topics on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexual health. Some workshops can be delivered in community languages.

Workshops that we offer

We have workshops tailored to specific groups, with a focus on:

Youth and International Students

General Populations
(Including communities, service providers, professionals, volunteers and bilingual health workers)


If you are interested in booking a free workshop or presentation (minimum of six participants required) please contact us on 07 3844 9166 or by emailing

How we work with youth in Queensland

We support culturally and linguistically diverse youth in Queensland to achieve the same positive sexual health outcomes as their mainstream peers. We work directly with culturally and linguistically diverse youth, as well as through relevant service providers.

We work closely with and support:

Services and resources we offer


We offer a range of workshops for culturally and linguistically diverse youth. Workshops can be tailored to match the needs of the participants.

Translated sexual health resources

We have translated many sexual health resources into community languages for use by communities or service providers.


We have practical resources available such as the educational Traffic Light Game. We also have a free youth poster, which you can order here.

Information stalls

We make every effort to attend and participate in as many events as is possible. It’s a great opportunity to interact with young people in a more informal setting than workshops. Our interactive information stall includes games, prizes, free sexual health information in over 20 languages, free condom packs, and more promotional material. To request a stall, please contact us on 07 3844 9166 or by emailing

Peer mentoring

We are currently developing a Peer Mentoring Program to empower youth to educate their peers in sexual health and well-being. This will be for international students and culturally and linguistically diverse youth.


If you are interested in further information about any of our work around youth, please contact us on 07 3844 9166 or by emailing