School Based Youth Health Nurse Program

The School Based Youth Health Nurse Program (SBYHNP) is an important part of the educational structure of Queensland schools.

We work to support the SBYHNP in its engagement with culturally and linguistically diverse youth in the area of sexual health.

Services and resources we offer

Free multilingual resources

We offer a number of translated sexual health brochures. They are useful for display in offices, distribution to students and parents, and to explain sexual health terms that students or parents may not be familiar with.

Support for schools

Does your school have a high population of culturally and linguistically diverse youth, or a large ESL unit? We provide individual support with sexual health curricula, organising multilingual aides, and developing projects centred around a specific issue (such as World AIDS Day).


If you are interested in further information about any of our work around the SBYHNP, please contact Mekita Vanderheyde, Multicultural Resources, Training and Community Development Officer on 3844 9166 or