CALD Youth

Culturally and linguistically diverse youth are young people between the ages of 15 and 24 who speak a language other than English at home, were born in a non-English speaking country, have one or both parents born in a non-English speaking country, or are Australian-born but have affiliations with the family’s culture of origin (if not the chief Anglo-Australian culture).

Most of the issues faced by culturally and linguistically diverse youth are similar to those faced by their mainstream peers. However, they may face additional difficulties such as a lack of knowledge or understanding of implicit or unspoken cultural norms that define ‘normal’ or ‘expected’ behaviours within the Australian social context or ‘schoolyard’. They may also face language barriers, discrimination, adjusting to a new country and culture, accessing services, potential torture and trauma issues, uncertainty of visa status, being separated from family and friends, and a feeling of being torn between their traditional culture and the new.

Services and resources we offer


We offer a range of workshops that are tailored for international students, including a ‘risky behaviour’ session.

Information stalls

We regularly attend events where it is appropriate for us to hold an information stall, such as Health Month events, O-Week events, and Market days.  Our interactive information stall includes games, prizes, free sexual health information in over 20 languages, free condom packs, and more promotional material. To request a stall, contact Mavice Hove, Health Promotion Officer on 3844 9166 or

School Based Youth Health Nurse Program

We aim to effectively and strategically support the work of the School Based Youth Health Nurse Program in their engagement with culturally and linguistically diverse youth in the areas of HIV, hepatitis C, and sexual health.

Other resources