Bilingual Workers

Do you need culturally appropriate HIV/AIDS, hepatitis or sexual health information in a language other than English?

We have a team of 11 bilingual community health workers who work with and for communities across Queensland. The use of bilingual community health workers is recognised globally as an effective way to engage with culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Vitally, they ensure that we have information about HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexual health that is relevant, current, sensitive to taboos and traditions, and culturally appropriate.

What communities and languages we cover

Burmese, Burundi, Karen, Papua New Guinean, Rwandan, Samoan/Pacific Islander,  Sudanese and Vietnamese. They are based in Toowoomba (Sudanese), Cairns (Papua New Guinean) and Brisbane.

English, Dinka, Sudanese Arabic, Arabic, Madi, Vietnamese, Bari, Swahili, PNG Tokpisin and Ideo (Cairns), Burmese, French, Samoan, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Karen, Kizigua, Pojulu, Luganda, Acholi and Kakwa.

How we can help you

Our bilingual community health workers conduct workshops and presentations in community languages. Workshops can cover HIV/AIDS, hepatitis or sexual health and issues such as accessing interpreters, understanding confidentiality, testing, and treatment options.

They also hold support groups for people living with hepatitis or HIV/AIDS, their friends and family, and conduct other health promotion activities such as stalls, World Hepatitis and World AIDS Day events and community forums.

Getting in touch

If you are interested in organising a bilingual community health worker to hold a free workshop or presentation, stall at your event, or support group,  please contact us on 07 3844 9166 or by emailing

You can view the full list of our bilingual community health workers on our staff page.