Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health

A person’s health is crucial to their complete physical, mental and social well-being.

At ECCQ we believe that all people should have access to health information and services that are culturally appropriate, and relevant to their needs.

Our HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Health program works with culturally and linguistically diverse communities across Queensland to ensure access to HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexual health information and services.

For over 20 years ECCQ has been funded by Queensland Health to engage with refugee and migrant communities to improve their awareness of communicable diseases, and reduce the risk factors which would result in higher infection rates.

Today, our HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Health program provides an extensive range of education and support services across Queensland.

What we do


We provide free:

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Our bilingural community health workers support CALD people living with viral hepatitis in their own language.

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We have health information on a range of topics, and in a variety of languages, available free of charge.

Download ECCQ’s new resource, B Healthy: My guide to Chronic Hepatitis B. Download in Chinese B Healthy_Chinese. Download in Vietnamese B Healthy_Vietnamese

We also provide free condoms to multicultural communities.

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This report provides a comprehensive overview of the Hepatitis B Awareness Survey organised by ECCQ. Under the coordination of ECCQ’s  HIV, Hepatitis & Sexual Health Program, over 900 surveys were completed by members of the Chinese and Vietnamese communities.

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