ECCQ plays a critical role in developing policies that promote cultural diversity and uphold its mission “that all people from diverse CALD backgrounds have equal access to services and can fully participate in all aspects of a cohesive and harmonious Queensland”.

ECCQ develops policy documents in the following formats:

Policy documents

ECCQ Response to the Queensland State Budget 2013 – 2014

This response highlights elements relating to areas relevant to CALD communities. This is a careful budget with opportunities to deliver more accountability for Government’s total investment. View the response here.

ECCQ Response to the Queensland State Budget 2012 – 2013

The ECCQ response to the Queensland State Budget 2012- 13 highlights changes relating to multicultural affairs in addition to other vital areas that affect the lives of CALD communities.

View ECCQ’s position on the following budget areas:
Budget Response Introduction



Families: Communities, Child Safety and Disabilities



Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland: Response to the Queensland State Budget 2011-2012

This statement provides an overview of budget measures that relate to multiculturalism and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. It also highlights some of the opportunities across more universal programs and policies to ensure that the needs of CALD communities are met. Read ECCQ’s full response here.

ECCQ response to Queensland Multicultural Policy 2011

The Queensland Multicultural Policy 2011 was launched by Premier Anna Bligh on Tuesday 19 July 2011. Read ECCQ’s response to the policy here.

Policy priority statement 2013-2014

A productive and inclusive Queensland: Priorities for 2013-2014. Read ECCQ’s priority statement here.

Policy priority statement 2012-2013

A productive and inclusive Queensland: Priorities for 2012-2013. Read ECCQ’s priority statement here.

Policy priority statement 2011-2012

A priority statement which is an overview of ECCQ’s policy focus and which guides ongoing dialogue with government, business and the wider community. Read ECCQ’s priority statement here.

Position papers

ECCQ Discussion on Cultural Responsiveness and Social Housing Reforms
ECCQ Discussion Paper on Employment for CALD communities
ECCQ’s position on ANZAC Day and multiculturalism

Policy fact sheets

Policy fact sheets summarising all policy submissions and policy positions held by ECCQ.

Multicultural Policy Framework
Multicultural Action Plans
Developing the capacity of the community services sector
Child support and protection
Early childhood development
Young people
Tenant participation
Older Australians
Interpreter and translation services
Citizenship and participation
Regional and local strategies
New and emerging communities
Australia’s humanitarian program
Multicultural broadcasting
Police powers and responsibilities
Access to sport and recreation
457 Visas
Addressing racism
Pacific Islander communities

Download all the policy fact sheets here.

Policy submissions

ECCQ develops new policy submissions as required throughout the year and the scope of our policy work is constantly developing. View our submissions here.

Contact us

ECCQ is continuously improving its policy research and analysis and is constantly striving to better represent solutions to key trends and issues.

Any stakeholder can engage with ECCQ about a policy issue by calling 3844 9166 or emailing policy@eccq.com.au.