Obituary – Mohamed Tomoum

ECCQ has expressed its sadness at the death of one of Queensland’s greatest Muslim leaders, Mohamed Tomoum, who died on February 28 this year, aged 78.

Mohamed Tomoum was born in Cairo, Egypt where he became a respected documentary film director, being commissioned by the Egyptian government to make documentaries, including one on Muslims in many different countries.

Whilst working with American Express in the United State he met and married Mary Donohue who was working with the United Nations and not long later the two migrated to Australia, settling in Brisbane.

They have four children: Fatima, now a general manager with Toyota in the United Arab Emirates, the first female general manager in UAE. She also holds a Masters degree in Japanese and is fluent in Arabic, Japanese, French and English; Sarah who has a degree in early education and consults in that area for the London borough of Islington; Maria, who has a degree in social science and works with RBS Morgans Stockbroking in Brisbane; and Yousef, who is a marine claims manager and shipping consultant.

Mr Tomoum played a vital role in the Islamic community in Queensland. He helped establish the West End Mosque, serving on its committee of which he was also president for 190 years; president of the Islamic Council of Queensland; committee member of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils; and he was instrumental in the establishment in the early 1990s of the Islamic School at Karawatha.

Mr Tomoum served as chairman for 10 years on the school council and a further five years as deputy chairman.

He was also instrumental in helping establish Australia’s Halal meat certification process and, following his retirement from the Commonwealth Bank where he worked for 20 years, he worked as an Arabic interpreter for DIAC.

Mr Tomoum served also on the Executive Committee of ECCQ, serving as assistant secretary from 1990 to 1992.

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