Multicultural Interactive Planning Solutions (MIPS)

Diversicare’s Multicultural Interactive Planning Solutions (MIPS) team will be in Adelaide this week to present at the 2019 Ageing in a Foreign Land Conference.

MIPS is an interactive website that guides the user through a virtual home safety tour. It provides advice and tips on how to make your  home a safer place as you age.

Funded by the Department of Health, MIPS focuses on safety issues in the home often associated with the onset of ageing or dementia. It has been developed specifically for older people from CALD backgrounds and it is accessible both visually and audibly in seven languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, and Italian.

The MIPS website also offers additional information including health and wellness, navigating the My Aged Care system, storm safety, making your will and more.

Visit the MIPS website by clicking here. 

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