Daniel Akech – 10 Years of Service to ECCQ

On 26 February, our staff member Daniel Akech received his Certificate for 10 Years of Service to ECCQ. 

Daniel is a South Sudanese Bilingual Community Health Worker. He has been serving his community members as a trustworthy health worker, by distributing health resources, organising information workshops, providing education, and individual support on Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and sexual health related issues.

Zhihong Gu, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health Program Manager said she had been working closely with Daniel for the past decade and his commitment to the South Sudanese community and to ECCQ has made a lasting positive difference in the areas of prevention and management.

Chairperson Alton Budd presented the certificate to Daniel. He also thanked him for his dedication, enthusiasm and hard work and congratulated on his achievement.

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