Alcohol awareness for communities

ECCQ’s Alcohol Harm prevention Project, funded by the Queensland Mental Health Commission, held an Alcohol Learning Workshop on Wednesday 14 November for community leaders to share stories and experiences and receive information from local support services.

The workshop was attended by 22 guests including community leaders from Sudan, South Sudan, Samoa and Nepal. Community leaders shared their stories and then heard from local support services including, Metro South Health, QPASTT, ECCQ, World Wellness Group, Brisbane City Council and Alcohol and Drug Foundation, who spoke about their services and how they can support communities.

The event was a success with all participants commending the workshop and requesting more training and time spent on this issue.

The project aims to reduce harm, stigma and discrimination associated with alcohol by building capacity of communities in the Brisbane City Council Area. The project is supported by the Alcohol Harm Prevention Advisory Group, which has representatives from the target communities, ECCQ, Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane South Primary Health Network and Metro South Health Services.

The project consisted of three phases:

Phase 1: ECCQ organised and trained community leaders

Phase 2: supported by ECCQ, communities organised their own events and shared information and resources

Phase 3: community leaders and support services came together to share stories and information

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