Our purpose

To lead the development and participation of multicultural communities in Queensland through advocacy, support, services and capacity building.

Strategic Objectives

1. Leadership: Provide a legitimate voice for multicultural communities through
advocating and representing their rights, needs and interests.

2. Community Development: Resource and facilitate the development of
multicultural communities throughout Queensland and to enhance their ability to represent and respond to the needs of their community members.

3. Research & Innovation: Drive the development of an evidence based advocacy and service delivery functions of the organisation through the acquisition of data, evidence and knowledge about the lived experience of Queensland’s multicultural communities.

4. Service Excellence: Maintain and further develop services that meet the needs of Queensland’s multicultural communities through models of leading practice in multicultural services.

5. Sustainability: Achieve ongoing financial viability and sustainability.

6. Organisational Capacity: Develop governance and operational capacity to drive and support the purpose and strategic goals of ECCQ.

What we do

ECCQ has been working directly with Queensland’s many communities since 1976. Every year, we help thousands of people from all backgrounds, across all of Queensland. Our focus is supporting and advocating for the needs, interests and contributions of culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Queensland.

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