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Did you know that around one in three Queenslanders were either born overseas, or have at least one parent born overseas? Or that 9.8% of Queenslanders speak a language other than English at home?


ECCQ has been working directly with Queensland’s many communities since 1976. Every year, we help thousands of people from all backgrounds, across all of Queensland. Our focus is supporting and advocating for the needs, interests and contributions of culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Queensland.

We believe that everyone, no matter their background, should be able to participate and contribute in all aspects of society.

We also know that diversity and inclusion builds stronger communities. Communities characterised by cooperation, trust and sharing of cultures.

Whether it’s working alongside culturally diverse communities through our support and education programs, or seeking equality around access to services, ECCQ is supporting Queensland’s growth into an inclusive and harmonious community – for everyone to enjoy and participate in.


Strengthening Communities

Lasting change begins at a grassroots level.

We’re directly working with Queensland’s local culturally diverse communities and their associations to address and support their needs.

Community Leadership
Events Management Resource
Media Training Resource


Migrants, refugees and all new Queenslanders deserve equal access to services.

We’re working with government at all levels to increase the responsiveness of Queensland’s systems and services to meet the needs of these communities.

Child Protection
Policy & Research



A person’s health is crucial to their complete physical, mental and social well-being.

We’re empowering and supporting culturally and linguistically diverse individuals and communities to manage their health and healthcare.

Chronic Disease Program
HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexual Health Program

Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is the key to a more cohesive society.

We’re providing cross-cultural training and consulting services to enhance individual and organisational effectiveness and leadership to promote inclusion and ensure access and equity in service delivery.

Partners in Cultural Competence (PiCC)


Aged Care

All individuals should be treated with dignity and respect.

We’re providing culturally inclusive care for older Australians, and younger people with disabilities.

Berlasco Court

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